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OSH studies in South Korea's University ?

Assalamualaikum :)

and hello to my classmates and juniors that might be reading this because this post is for you guys. i've shared my journey to Seoul and other regions in my previous 2 posts . here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2. but mostly they were the places I visited and stuff. since i cannot find the time to update on the rest of the journey, so I will just go straight to the main part of the trip. and to be clear again, I was not there for my industrial training but for a summer trip (some sort macam mobility). and yes i went during my internship period tapi lepas tu ganti balik hari-hari yang tak cukup. 

the idea was from Uitm but collaborated with MIHA (Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association) and invited few other universities. 

for your information (bagi yang tak tahu) , i am taking degree in Environmental and Occupational Health in UPM. so the trip was actually for a conference on industrial hygiene in Gyeongju which is  organized by Korean Industrial Hygiene Association (KIHA). and we also had the chance to visit KOSHA, which is almost similar with our DOSH department, but bigger picture than that. 

and  Soon Chun Hyang University in Asan. dia tak la pedalaman sangat, but it was quite, calm and good. scenery pun cantik. by bus i think, it would take around an hour and half to reach seoul. so mana tau la ada siapa2 yang nak sambung master or phD ke. this can be one of the university you might want to consider. baca sampai habis k walaupun banyak perkataan. ehehhe

siapa nak tgk gmbar yang ni dengan lebih detailed lagi, blh bagitau nanti ka tunjuk . bcs i have the english version pamphlets with me

i will be sharing what are the subjects they offered, the lecturers, campus facilities and informations on admission. this is the direct link if you want to check it out instead of reading this post hahaha Soon Chun Hyang. Firstly, they provide Asian studies (kind of like exchange programme) for foreign students to learn on Korean culture, language and etc. intakes taken are during summer, fall.  tapi taknak cakap psal yang ni sebab its on their website :)

okayy, so lets go through on OSH field first.

the subjects in OSH that are included in the curriculum are almost similar macam kita punya. sebenarnya ada buat slide hahaha tapi tak berkesempatan nak present. 

they actually present to us with the name of the professor that is teaching on the subjects, tapi kat sini ka compilekan je semua subject :)

 Prof ni power beb. Industrial Hygienist.

ha ni la Prof. Park

lecturers dia memang power because there is real industrial hygienists among them and ada jugak pakar dalam asbestos research. asbestos memang isu hot dalam negara dia sebab still ada bangunan2 lama and ada rumah yang kos rendah guna as heat insulator. so government (labour department) akan guna khidmat2 professor diorang untuk detect asbestos reading level in buildings. and actually quite similar dengan lecturer2 jabatan kita yang banyak agency and government bodies recognized :) 

lab facilities 

this one kita tengok gambar je la eh hahaha equipments are always in good condition and there are lots of them. lab instruments too. plus, each professor will have their own lab so the students under supervision of him/her tak payah nak rebut2 guna lab. 

 tuan punya lab yang Prof. baju biru+purple tu. ni lab research for asbestos

ni lab Prof. Park, connected directly dengan bilik dia. 

lab air quality 

see those amount of pumps they have. kita ada 2-3 pun, berapa je yang well-functioned hahaha tak bash k, cakap je 

campus facilities

for international students, they will be placed in Global Village Dorm but ada juga korean students yang akan tinggal situ if they wanted to. Global Village have 3 builidings (English, Chinese, Japanese Village) and other students dormitories. this one no picture sebab jauh nak jalan hahah

facilities lain macam university biasa jugak. but this SCH uni area is known for their beautiful campus in the nation. lebih kurang title green campus la macam UPM but they are wayyy more green hahaha.  cuma tak ada la besar macam UPM. kawasan dia just nice. students dia kata if waktu spring, campus dia akan penuh dengan warna warni bunga :) can you just imagine yang hijau semua penuh pink .hahaha

 this is actually a Job Cafe for the students to look out for job opportunities. 
Hanmaru cafeteria 

most of the expenses actually are on the food since they give out free foods for student and they even have a nutritionist standby beside the buffet food area 

as you seen in dramas, yes they put back their own utensils. and the rail thing will bring the plate into kitchen dishwashing area

yep, 7-eleven in their college building (faculty) 


but one of the main attraction of this place is the Hyangseol Library. macam library zaman future hahahah cantik dia tak payah cakapla . they have multimedia zone, premium zone, book cafe, book libraries, movie theater and study rooms.


for this one, i just knew that the fees are 40% less for international studies (my notes are gone, sorry cant recall much on this. scholarship tu tak sure haha kena cari sendiri la ye kawan-kawan. 

they provide Asian studies (kind of like exchange programme) for foreign students to learn on Korean culture, language and etc. but for courses in OSH (under college of Social Sciences if im not mistaken) and other college's courses, you need to at least took 1 year course of Korean language to master them to proceed with the field you want to pursue. we met with the foreign students there and they speak like natives okayy. 

and here are some of the activities we did with the korean students :)

 we did some traditional performance hahaha pakai batik je

before game galah panjang 

 ni masa turn kitorang pulak main game yg the koreans prepared. that flower bloom game hahaha klu kita panggil 'pukul berapa datuk harimau'

exchanging information on our country study culture

here is the person who made this whole programme happened, En. Megat :) 

i know this is not much but saja nak share that there is university in korea that are offering courses that we are currently taking. and ada lagi university lain tapi kena rajin2 cari heheh. so whoever want to pursue or when later you are already financially stable. why not gain knowledge in others country.  koreans language is really easy to learn okayy, easier than chinese. in fact, koreans safety and health are already in another level.

I've seen it. for example, the way Hyundai company took care of their workers' welfare are sooo amazing. I went to their plant, but sadly no pictures were allowed to be taken. the healthcare center is located inside of the plant, they have all type equipment for pre-medical checkups for new workers, free regular checkups, and can even do stomach cancer check in the center. everything is for freeeeeee. amazed teruk. and free foods everywhereeeeee, the guide said they spent the most on workers food hahaha rasa macam nak kerja sana je.

so thats all for this one. ada banyak lagi gambar sebenarnye hahah tapi ni je la dulu ka masukkan  

nak tanya anything, pls feel free to whatsapp me :) 
tau kan mana nak dapat number ? hahah

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envoch17, UPM.