Thursday, 2 July 2015

Cantiknya subnaAllah

assalamualaikum , im back in kk everyone heeeee probably the happiest person right now . Alhamdulillah selamat sampai dgn lala sekali . We bought our flight tickets together hee ni first tirme ktrg satu flight sblum slalu terpisah sobs . 

the main subject yg ak nak kongsi kat sini is the view from upthere , everytime im on up there , ak akan snap few pictures . yes mungkin nampak macam dh lame sgt sbb everyone will do the same thing each time on plane , but i love the view upthere , rasa macam nak keluar from plane baring2 atas awan hahaha yes i know tu sangat impossible . nah belanja gambar 

Cantik kann ? The sun is setting down . This is one of the reason why we should be thankful to our creator , it's just too beautiful to describe with words 😌😌 
I have one month of holidays before i start my practical works and then off to KL again , soooo

Till next time 

Lots of love,