Saturday, 28 April 2012

part of me , kembali menghadap Allah (':

assalamualaikum (: how are you guys ? the readers of my blog ? i guess the last time i post was about weeks ago . a lot of things had happened :') i LOST my beloved dad , muhammad taufik yap bin abdullah , on 9 april .   we straight away went back to KL to wait for his body to arrive in malaysia . he passed away because of the pacemaker failure in india . he was buried in kg, talang batin , parit , perak . my mom hometown (': he left us with a lot of books that he once told us that he will not gave us any property but then he will leave those books that he own . if we want success , find it our self . he even studied until the last breath that he had :'(  

after 1 week , im back in smesh . only Allah knows what is my feeling that time , im scared to go back but i dont know why . alhamdulillah , He sent me a lot of friends that always there when i need them . thanks guys . appreciate it much .

from now on , things will change a lot . me and my family , STILL , trying to fit with this new lifestyle , without him by ourside . no more hugs and kisses from him . no more people will mad about what we're doing . no more delicious cook by him . no more supper at outside . no more movies until late night . no more people put on my blanket when i sleep :'(

9 may is my mid semester exam . i'll try my best . not to let down my mom , families , my dad's friend . insyaAllah . pray for me :')

Saturday, 7 April 2012


assalamualaikum , as i wrote yesterday , i'll post something before i go back to school (: 30 APRIL . its the date of our mid exam . and the questions are not from our school . selaras SBP bro . ITS GONNA BE HARD . so kena belajar betul2 .

nak minta tolong boleh ? whoever reading this , don't forget MY NAME in your prayer , doakan aku berjaya dan ingatan aku akan sentiasa kuat ((: and aku nak minta maaf kepada sesiapa yang pernah aku singgungkan hati atau terguris hatinya oleh aku . minta maaf banyak2 eh :')

thats all for this entry . peace and out ~ ((;

hai there world ((:

assalamualaikum . tomorrow im going back to the beloved school . i dont know since when , but yes , beloved school . ikhlas ne bro (: hahaha . so , homework ? 50% done maybe , i did it when i went to the new house just now *buat kerja mengemas sambil buat homework , hebat x ?* haha . next week , insyaAllah im going to KL . but only for few days , cause i ain't gonna skip school .i don't why suddenly but who cares , you get to go to KL on weekends and you still want to know why ? hahaha (:

lets drop the subject  (: here i would like to share with you guys some new songs of najwa latif ((: sahabat , i love you and kosong . she is 17 years old as i am and known as youtube girl because she started with uploading her cover on youtube . people found her amazing voice and make her an idol to the teenagers nowadays . nice right ? (:




last but not least

UNTUK DIA featuring sleeq (:

i know its a little bit awkward when i make a post about her , it just somehow crossed my mind and her song is nice what ? try to listen first mahhh ((: her song related dengan kisah hidup ak dengan kawan2 kot . thats why i love her song ((: 

maybe i'll post about something else tomorrow before i step in to the land of smesh (: 

may peace be upon you . out ~

Friday, 6 April 2012

im trying hard .

assalamualaikum (: im home since yesterday because today is a public holiday . i dont want to come back home at the first place . like seriously man , I DONT WANT BUT I HAVE TO . sucks much :'(

as usual , the same thing will happen every time im home . and im tired of it . im just super tired to waste my time on thinking what should i do next . and those give up feelings keep haunting me and told me to do so but im still trying to fix things up . BUT I DONT KNOW HOW . families , friends and my studies are my problems now .

im not the old me now in home , school and wherever i am since early of this month . i have to throw my  sad feelings away from sharing it with my friends because sometimes they just don't understand . and thats mean i have no place to tell everything about what im facing right now . im not blaming them at all because i love my friends to the max :') family , the place where i should share my stories , my happiness , my problems . but then they are not there for me :'((( i wish time can stop for a while so that i will not stressing about all this thing . maybe i just have to smile to keep pretending that im okay .

exam is coming but it's too hard for me to be focusing on my study just because all those thing . EMOSI AKU SANGAT TERGANGGU . i want to cry all day long but i can't . someone , please help me :'(

peace be upon you .

*HATE is just a word .