Sunday, 13 January 2013


assalamualaikum :)

it has been some time since the last post . i'm in the hometown now , sedang dapatkan lesen memandu . and spending part of my life after spm here , with the grandma , grandpa , uncles and aunts .

ok . back to the title . why 'THEGUY' ? its another short story about this friend i have named khairunnas awang . erun or khai for short but he preferred TOP . haha . first day i met him was the first day i came into smesh . he was there when me and the others registering ourself . MAYBE . haha . tak ingat la bro . dia ni antara orang yang terawal datang tegur saya . biasalah lelaki , pantang nampak perempuan , lagi lagi yang comel . BAHAHAHA XD . he ALWAYS came to my class , almost every night at the beginning . so , we get to know each other since then .

first impression ? handsome . nakal . berakal . pandai . part time joker cause he never failed making people laughed . tapi lepas dah nakal , memang awesome la yg penting :) nak dijadikan cerita , lepas tu mula la banyak gossip . hmm . kawan aku pun start 'meng-kenen2-kan' saya dengan dia . haha . dia lagilaa , dengan bunga raya lagi . hahaha . agak lama jugaa cerita pasal kami . but after sometime ..... something happened . then all those stories just faded away . huuuu . tapi kami masih rapat lagi . he really knows how to make people feels happy around him , gilaaa ba ni anak . haha

and on the same year , he got himself troubled in police case . so , dia ni kononnya akan dibuang sekolah . this is the embarassing part -.- i gave him a letter . it was just about advising , encouraging him . tapi dia ungkit sampai hari ni pasal tu . saya pun tak faham :p tapi akhirnya selamat juga stay sampai tingkatan 5 .

he loves physics so much , so do addmaths , i think chemistry too . hmmph . at least he knew what to be done and prove himself to his parents . alhamdulillah :) may our friendship last forever khai .

lots of love ,
tikayap :)