Wednesday, 24 August 2016

days in Kuching (pt.2)


[PICTURESALERT] : This post will include a lot of pictures, super banyak k . keep scrolling if you're interested yeay

so this time, this post will be specifically about a place that i recently went.

Kampung Budaya Sarawak

in previous post, i did mention about this place and tak jadi masuk pun masa first time pergi sbb mahal sgt (for a student) . few days later, kami dpt tahu klu org Sarawak tlg belikan blh dapat murah HAHAHA . and so we went . details is in my previous post ---> Internship days in Kuching(pt.1)

opening time : 9.00 am - 5.00pm
entrance fees : Sarawak-ian : RM 20++ (adult)
                     Non-Sarawak : RM 60 (adult)
                     Unimas Student : RM 15.90

dalam cultural village ni, it has total of 20 stops includes different cultural houses, and few huts. i will share each stops with the names too (tapi cam tak cukup 20 je) hahaha we did skip one sbb lupaaaaaa .

and before the pictures fill the spaces below, nak bgtau yg everyday dia ada 2 session of cultural performance : 12.00 pm and 4.00 pm . dalam tu kalau kita betul2 go through each stops , dekat 2 jam gak ahh . haritu ktrg masuk pkul 12.20 , habis round dalam pukul 2.30 ptg . pastu tunggu performance so semua habis dalam pukul 5.00 ptg. surau dia sumpah selesa tak tipu, cafe pun ada . hehehe

k dh habis bebel , boleh mula tgk tempat :)

from right : Theatre, Restaurant Budaya . surau dia kat bawah restoran tu hehe

Chinese Farm House

Rumah Melayu

in each houses , dia akan ada few staffs yang jaga , and they will dress accordingly to which suku kaum yang dia jaga . diorang akan buat kuih tradisional and jual kat visitors yang dtg . this one, akak tu buat bahulu  

Melanau Tall House

tangga dia masyaAllah, sumpah gayat tak tipu

aku pun tak fham knp kaki ak mcm tu ? hahahaha twisted

Sago Processing Hut

ingatkan dia nak demo, tapi takde pun time tu . dia jual jeeee . gambar dekat takde sbb lupa nak snap hahaha

stesen canting batik ni, opposite the tall house, im not sure if you can try out urself tapi souvenirs dijual, and i saw few tie dye clothes too

Orang Ulu Longhouse

Penan Hut

 Penan Hut ni dulu tempat2 lelaki yang berjaga kalau2 ada musuh datang, drg akan palu gong to alert others if ada outsiders dtg

Iban Longhouse 


so this is the theatre, where the cultural performances take place. 

in total , there were about 6 (maybe?, lupaaaaa) performances. includes Ngajat, Melanau, Zapin Melayu and also joget . There are 2 more names yang ak tak dapat nak jot down sbb the narrator speaks too fast.  

Besides those, ada lgi few stops yang i didnt manage to snap ..... sebab tak sangka nak blog se-detail mcm ni . so i wiill just list down the other stops hehe

-Chinese Pavillion
-Dewan Lagenda
-Persada Alam
-Bidayuh Longhouse
-Rainforest Stage
-Swordmaking Foundary
-Top-Spinning Arena ( boleh cuba main if im not mistaken)
-Pottery Kiln

actually tempat ni mengelilingi tasik, so there are few lake pavillions and resting hut for visitors to stop by and rest. trust me, after few stops, you will need the rest place :)

but of course, bukan rumah local people kat Sarawak sekarang semua mcm rumah kat atas tu (in case ada yang tertanya-tanya kan?) its 2016 people. semua dah maju. borneo people lives like normal KL people too okayyyyyyyy ? (everything kat hujung jari, pls read and if berkemampuan, explore sendiri)

setiap kali org cakap pasal Sarawak mesti org sebut pasal ulat sagu jugak kan ? and guess what? bila sembang dengan staff, even diorang pun tak makan . hahahaha ada certain people je yang really can eat that ulat and its not their routine food.

so yeah, do come and visit this place if you had a chance too. serius tak rugi, tak langsung :)

BTW, i am so sorry if the angle of my pictures are not good enough utk korang bayangkan interior rumah2 tu huhuhuhu tak cukup expert lg ambik gmbar utk blog hahah

was thinking to blog on pt.3 for places to eat in Kuching. should i ? 

till next time.

lots of love,
tika yap 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Internship days in Kuching pt.1 (places i went)


after soooo longg, yes now baru terfikir nak update. instead of having diary (which i stopped writing since high school), blog ni kinda jd cm journal hehe so that i will have something to look back on when im old later

so im currently in Kuching doing my 2nd year's intership in Pejabat Kesihatan Bahagian Kuching. boleh je buat dekat Kota Kinabalu but i chose Kuching sebab nak try out new place. of course, benda paling ketara is the language difference. but after 2 weeks, i can actually understand their jokes too (only in bhasa yang paling mudah la) if dh ckp pelik-pelik tu . senyum je la

and im not doing it alone this year hehe , with my 2 other classmates (1 frm Johor & another one from Sibu) Since Nana is from Sarawak, she is literally the translator every time (tp kdg2 dia pn x fham jugak) hahaha

so in this post i'll share some nice places that we went (in 2 weeks)

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak

The library's interior is soooo nice, mcm nak bawa bantal tido je kat dalam.

it is somehow pelik sebab pergi library hahaha but actually our supervisor was playing tour guide that day (dalam kereta je) library is the only place kitorang turun hehe thats him in the above snap (nmpk blakang je)

sumpah sv kitorang baik and comel to the max 
(if pagi2 dh dgr his giggly laugh, happy je whole day aku )

Waterfront Kuching

so from waterfront, you can actually ride the sampan for 1 Ringgit per trip, the place across the river is Kg. Gersik, which you can get these things there;

-Kek Lapis (there are few choices tho, but the most popular one-Mira CakeHouse-, yg tepi2 tu pun sedap je, tp kena jalan la tgk sendiri )

-Ikan Terubok Masin (Moms will love this, few choices of stall selling this, but preferable survey harga and sizes dulu before beli)

like this one ..

-My Village Barok Restaurant ( will add review on this after pergi hehehe )

p/s : hotel nearby pun banyak , if nak dekat dengan statue kucing yg famous tu , there are choices of Grand Margherita(Margharita?), Riverside Majestic hm pastu x ingat dh hahah and makanan pun senang je nak cari (will post another part on foods only :) 

souvenirs were nearby too, berbaris-baris kedai berdepan dengan waterfront, easy to shop huh ?

it is not necessarily to go there with sampan , drive pun boleh . waze je Kg. Gersik hehe. 

This cruise will cost about RM 60 per adult. not sure how much fr children. dia gerak around 4.30 kot ? maybe 5 ? sorryyy tak ingat .  the package will include foods on board, entertainments and some other stuffs too. the pathway ( hujung ke hujung sungai ) . its a bit pricey tho but maybe berbaloi kalau dtg kuching once in a lifetime. hahahaha but i have better choices below...... keeep readingggg

im sorry i dont hv the proper picture for the smaller bot(pki engine jugak) . it cost RM 19 (it was on promotion) for adult . no condiments and entertainments but you get to enjoy the view :) they have a trip around 6.30pm so i think its the perfect time to ride on sbb boleh tgk sunset . but boleh je masa lain , sbb dia ada byk trip . along the river , ada bangunan2, and get to watch the village nearby . tp gmbr tu dh gelap sbb bot lambat datang haritu sobss and i missed to snap the sunset 

but i went thereee againnnnn

Pantai Damai 

on the way. you'll have a clear view of mount Santubong ( petang2 kurang sikit but still can see).
Approcximately 40-50 minutes from Kuching City, yessss dia sgt jauh ke dalam. but if you're the kind yang nak beach view, there is Damai Beach Resort and those yg sewakan only bed (from 59 ringgit x silap ) tp sumpah jauh dari bandar , klu dtg nak tgk tempat , yes okayy . but if just nak pantai , tak baloi sgt

excuse my face hahahaha

on this beach, you can find a food court behind (yg kat gmbar tu , ye belakang aku), surau pun ada .  and a lot of pokestops too hahaha bcs it has a lot of monument, stones and stuffs . kalau pergi weekend sumpah orang ganti2 psang the lure thing

Kampung Budaya Sarawak

there is another attraction here in Damai, opposite the entrance nak gi pantai tu

the entry-fees is 60 ringgit jugak kot per adult (no, ktrg x masuk pun tempat ni) tourist ramai datang, whats inside pun tak tau (sape nak tau boleh je google and price list is all there)

k, tu je.

eh jap , if la if someone is interested tu watch the whole Kuching view, there is this building called Kuching Civic Centre (mane la tau google2 jumpa tempat ni). NO, DONT GO THERE . hahahaha sv suggest pegi tempat tu , and so we did. Guess what, tempat tu dh lama tutup sbb ada orang bunuh diri and bangunan pn x selamat hahaha , so dont, i dont know where else blh tgk the whole Kuching's view mcm Signal Hill, KK . 

so if anyone from Sarawak or studying here know where else we should visit, drop some comments peopleee

2 weeks left here . and lots more to explore :) weekends is the only free day we have . weekdays pkul 9 dah tido dah haha

and tak reti-reti lagi nak ckap Sarawak

lots of love,

'hm, i wonder where is the part aku ber-intern?' hahahaa