Tuesday, 18 July 2017

July '17


my interest to write is starting to fade away hahaha too many to update but just cant find the right time to sit down and spend sometime on this. tp lepas tu menyesal sebab tak tulis kat sini cz for sure ak akan lupa certain details of the story and nanti tak dapat nak syok sendiri ingat cerita lama hahaha

i actually have another draft that is not complete yet and have no idea how to continue it. it was about the trip when few of my friends came to sabah for the first time. took them around kk and kundasang, the draft contained soooo many pictures sebab tak tahu nak tulis ape *tepukdahi*. so here i am typing another one.

While some of my friends has also started to write, i enjoyed reading each of them sebab suka baca stuffs yang diorang tak dapat nak kongsi in verbal. ada yang jauh berkongsi pengalaman, ada juga yang dekat berkongsi tentang perasaan. i prefer reading those tho daripada benda2 mengarut dekat muka buku.

I found myself lebih suka menyendiri sejak beberapa tahun ni, but not 24 hours of course,  2/3 of the day, i rather spending it alone. other than classes, i prefer to lie on bed, play with my phone (youtube mostly) or tengok drama. instead of doing productive things ataupun plan masa depan. hahahaha kita ikut je flow hidup tengok ending kat mana nanti :D the fact that im actually entering adult phase is so hard to accept, sometimes i just wish things just stop progressing and let me live the moment, tapi mustahil la kann ? 

I am in the 5th week of my internship period. 5 more weeks left hehehe, things are quite good walaupun i dont get to apply as much as I learnt throughout the 3 years, but learning new things and other skills pun dah cukup bagus dah bagi aku.  and the environment is good too. eventhough ada yang miang-miang berbulu, dah kahwin tapi kacau orang gaya orang bujang, tapi still acceptable. the key is just to blend in and pandai2 jaga diri hahaha. lagi2 perempuan yang masuk bidang safety ni, kena tegas, kalau tak suka, terus terang bagitau tak suka, x boleh layan sangat. most of the workers lelaki, so faham-faham la.

and im going to southkorea sooooon, still cant believe im actually going there. first time going oversea and its korea :) sooooooo happy, insyaAllah. 
not going for fun obviously, it was another uni's team and i will be joining them to seoul and busan for some hygiene conference, will do some assignments on waste and tour around. and already extend my internship period so that i wont miss out any day. 

hence, i am not able to join any college program tho, sorry to whoever read this and turns out you're an ex-mtm haahahaha selalu macam ni, ada je sebab tak dapat pergi kem. maafla, peluang ni tak datang selalu. 

this post is literally takde hala tuju, ak taip je apa yang terlintas. soooooo yeahhhh. bye

till next time,
lots of love

tikayap :)

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